viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Bernardo O´Higgins

I believe that Bernardo O´Higgins is maybe the best chilean on history. It`s just a matter of opinion, ofcourse it`s a question difficult and very easy to be used on discutions.

Bernardo O´Higgins was an army general, commander in chief of the first chilean army, supreme director and the signner of the independence declaration and the first national constitution.

It`s a important person because he`s willpower, leadership and inteligence lead Chile to a true independence of the spanish crown, and began the road of our beloved countrie.

Ofcourse he wasn´t the only one responsible of that. The Carrera brothers and Manuel Rodriguez were also heroes very important to that, they and the thousands of person how fought the spaniards, and died giving us our countrie, our Chile.

Questions? I don´t know for sure. I surely would try to talk about the campaing to the south, on our first battles and how he became promoted from seargeant to general and commander in chief. About his feelings, fears and hopes on the battle of Rancagua. About the glad and joy of the battle of Chacabuco (payback time! remember Rancagua!!!!). The dissaster of Cancha Rayada when he became seriously wounded, and what was on his mind when wounded, he took the 100 cadets of the military academy, and go to Maipú when the rest of the liberty army were fighting the last mayor battle of the independence when finaly O´higgins hug his friend San Martín and said "Glory to the libertator of Chile!"

O´Higgins brings very different opinions, from Hero, to dictator or assasin. He was a hard men, with his believes and ideas, like the Carrera brothers, and every single person. Different ways searching the same goal, the liberty of a countrie, and the greatness of Chile.

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