jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010


(A ship, sailing for a new adventure...)
My learning experience on UChile was very nice, since it was a chance to keep speaking in English, and the first formal English class since I left the military academy two years ago. I believe that it served to me for not became rusted honestly.

I enjoyed the dinamics of the class, because it's never bored! Saying the truth, have a native english speaker as a teacher it isn't very easy, and it's a very good oportunity to improve the speaking level, four years ago I had classes with an austrian teacher, and she was very funny teaching english with her german accent. Now learning with a british, even better.

The most interesting for me more than the class itself, it was (as I said) the chance to speak with a british native. I spoke with north americans, canadians, germans, dutch, japanises, chineses, koreans, and lots of other persons, always on english, but I thing it's the first time speaking with a british, and it was a very good experience. About the class itself, I think the most interest thing was the movie "this is England", but I still think that it should was with english subs, or without subs at all.

Really trying to remember, I don't remember a very boring moment on the semester, I really like to speak and practice english whatever I can, it's easy and funny for me, and I'm consious that it was a very important key to open doors on the future (even now...) and still lot's of our classmates don't realice that.

The most difficult part always are the listenings, sometimes because there's a lot of loud on the place, others it's difficult to understand the record, even if is on spanish, and others... well, sometimes I had problems understanding everyone in front of me.

It's a very useful tool for all of us, and really could be better if one could take more courses, more advanced, not just the essencials. We have to reach the level when we're speaking not mentaly translating the information, but start thinking on english, and talking and listening almost naturaly.

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  1. For me, this is the first time to have a british teacher.

  2. This subject is interestign and I agree with you, David.

  3. Simon is my first teachr from england too, I've had teacher from Southafrica and germany. i think the germany talked better than the southafrican guy.

  4. Simon is England! is the English man! xD