jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010


(A ship, sailing for a new adventure...)
My learning experience on UChile was very nice, since it was a chance to keep speaking in English, and the first formal English class since I left the military academy two years ago. I believe that it served to me for not became rusted honestly.

I enjoyed the dinamics of the class, because it's never bored! Saying the truth, have a native english speaker as a teacher it isn't very easy, and it's a very good oportunity to improve the speaking level, four years ago I had classes with an austrian teacher, and she was very funny teaching english with her german accent. Now learning with a british, even better.

The most interesting for me more than the class itself, it was (as I said) the chance to speak with a british native. I spoke with north americans, canadians, germans, dutch, japanises, chineses, koreans, and lots of other persons, always on english, but I thing it's the first time speaking with a british, and it was a very good experience. About the class itself, I think the most interest thing was the movie "this is England", but I still think that it should was with english subs, or without subs at all.

Really trying to remember, I don't remember a very boring moment on the semester, I really like to speak and practice english whatever I can, it's easy and funny for me, and I'm consious that it was a very important key to open doors on the future (even now...) and still lot's of our classmates don't realice that.

The most difficult part always are the listenings, sometimes because there's a lot of loud on the place, others it's difficult to understand the record, even if is on spanish, and others... well, sometimes I had problems understanding everyone in front of me.

It's a very useful tool for all of us, and really could be better if one could take more courses, more advanced, not just the essencials. We have to reach the level when we're speaking not mentaly translating the information, but start thinking on english, and talking and listening almost naturaly.

jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

One of my classmate's blog

Hi everyone, I will write about Rodolfo's blog.


I like this blog mostly because we have a lot of common interest and topics, so it's always a interesting reading for me. On the technical aspect, the colours combination is nice and made the blog easier to read. The pictures are often nice too (specialy the one of the Falklands islands).

Obviously, he have all the content request by the evil captain Higginson, and sometimes extra pictures. His english writting isn't so basic, so read it became more interesting.

The post that I enjoyed most was the one about Arturo Alessandri Palma, president of Chile twice. He have a lot of good information (Rodolfo and I enjoyed history) and this point it's interesting, because I'm a follower of Carlos Ibañez del Campo (nicknamed "The Horse"),the defense minister of Alessandri, the one that lead the "sable's sound" on the congress tribune, forcing the senators to sign a group of laws for the worker class. He was the one that overthrow Alessandri's place (without force, just forcing him quit). And reestablished the public order on the countrie. He founded the Carabineers corps, our armed police force until today. He was the antagonist of Alessandri on almost every aspect, but it's very interest share opinions with respect and without fighting.

To improve his blog, he could probably try to write more, a bit more every week, not for duty, but for personal interest.


Another blog that I enjoyed to read it's Camila's blog, because like with Rodolfo, we have common topics and interest, not on the field of history, but on the profesional one, and about outdoor activities. I like it because I believe we've more than one point on common on that areas, and sometimes she remind me myself (for example, her post about the perfect job)

She has a lot of pictures too, beautiful pictures and it's always a pleasure to take a look of her blog.

The post that I enjoyed most like I said, was the one about the perfect job, and she wrote about forest rangers. Before my military carreer, and before geography, I was studing forest engineering, and I love forest! (the southerns evergreen raining forest on particular).

What could she does to improve it? I believe she's just fine =)

Captain Higginson is begining a listening, so I must close the blog now.

see you!

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

A favourite game when I was a child?
My favourite games were always videogames, until today. My father give me a videogame console when I was four, and I never stoped until now. It was a NES game system, also known as "Nintendo", and was one of the first on his class.

but that wasn't a game, it's a game plataform. I´m not sure about the very favourite one. Mario Bros was the first one that capture my atention.

But I'll talk about "Duck Hunt", a very famous and funny game of that age. Duck Hunt, as the name says, is about hunting ducks. On the screen apeared two ducks flying on random direction, and you had to aim and shoot against the ducks with a toy gun; then, your asistant dog went and came back with the hunted ducks, or laught at you if you miss all the shoots. I remember that sometimes I wanted to shoot the dog when laught at me, but you couldn´t. It's a nintendo game after all.

I played this game almost everyday since when I was four, until the gun had problems, That was near when I was six. I played this game with my father and a uncle. Until today I believe that my father made that gift, but only because he wanted to play, but obviously he couldn't buy the console for himself (my mother would never allow that) but if is a gift for his little first son, looks fine.

And I like it because it was very interactive, and caught my atention, because I didn't understand how the console knew where I was aiming. And I must say... I had a skill with the gun since then, I don´t know why, but I felt confortable and confident with that weapon (just a toy, but I was four-five)

(my girlfriend will laught about this)
another game that I liked a lot (and like and play until now!) i´t's Tetris.

and it's very easy to play, a never ending group of geometrical pieces will be falling from the top of the screen at diferent speeds depending of the level, and you have to make them reach the ground making columns with the other piezes. Sounds easy until the speed became to increase and you don't have the time enought to put them on the perfect position. Played almost everyday too when I was a child, two or three times at least per day, and now I try to play it almost once per day.

I played this game with my father too. He was (is) very good with this, and have a very fast mind, with maths and organizing things to fit (he's a engineer). At that age I believe that play at that speed (no more than one second or two) per pieze was imposible, and my father was a super tetris player, but now I´m almost that good, but my father is better even today (he plays too) and every challenge that we made, he won every one. Maybe someday...

I like it because make me think, a lot and fast, very fast. And... because I love the music of the game! (russian music). I believe that is very useful for young kids, to improve logical skills, a very good help when one grows.

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Bernardo O´Higgins

I believe that Bernardo O´Higgins is maybe the best chilean on history. It`s just a matter of opinion, ofcourse it`s a question difficult and very easy to be used on discutions.

Bernardo O´Higgins was an army general, commander in chief of the first chilean army, supreme director and the signner of the independence declaration and the first national constitution.

It`s a important person because he`s willpower, leadership and inteligence lead Chile to a true independence of the spanish crown, and began the road of our beloved countrie.

Ofcourse he wasn´t the only one responsible of that. The Carrera brothers and Manuel Rodriguez were also heroes very important to that, they and the thousands of person how fought the spaniards, and died giving us our countrie, our Chile.

Questions? I don´t know for sure. I surely would try to talk about the campaing to the south, on our first battles and how he became promoted from seargeant to general and commander in chief. About his feelings, fears and hopes on the battle of Rancagua. About the glad and joy of the battle of Chacabuco (payback time! remember Rancagua!!!!). The dissaster of Cancha Rayada when he became seriously wounded, and what was on his mind when wounded, he took the 100 cadets of the military academy, and go to Maipú when the rest of the liberty army were fighting the last mayor battle of the independence when finaly O´higgins hug his friend San Martín and said "Glory to the libertator of Chile!"

O´Higgins brings very different opinions, from Hero, to dictator or assasin. He was a hard men, with his believes and ideas, like the Carrera brothers, and every single person. Different ways searching the same goal, the liberty of a countrie, and the greatness of Chile.