jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

One of my classmate's blog

Hi everyone, I will write about Rodolfo's blog.


I like this blog mostly because we have a lot of common interest and topics, so it's always a interesting reading for me. On the technical aspect, the colours combination is nice and made the blog easier to read. The pictures are often nice too (specialy the one of the Falklands islands).

Obviously, he have all the content request by the evil captain Higginson, and sometimes extra pictures. His english writting isn't so basic, so read it became more interesting.

The post that I enjoyed most was the one about Arturo Alessandri Palma, president of Chile twice. He have a lot of good information (Rodolfo and I enjoyed history) and this point it's interesting, because I'm a follower of Carlos Ibañez del Campo (nicknamed "The Horse"),the defense minister of Alessandri, the one that lead the "sable's sound" on the congress tribune, forcing the senators to sign a group of laws for the worker class. He was the one that overthrow Alessandri's place (without force, just forcing him quit). And reestablished the public order on the countrie. He founded the Carabineers corps, our armed police force until today. He was the antagonist of Alessandri on almost every aspect, but it's very interest share opinions with respect and without fighting.

To improve his blog, he could probably try to write more, a bit more every week, not for duty, but for personal interest.


Another blog that I enjoyed to read it's Camila's blog, because like with Rodolfo, we have common topics and interest, not on the field of history, but on the profesional one, and about outdoor activities. I like it because I believe we've more than one point on common on that areas, and sometimes she remind me myself (for example, her post about the perfect job)

She has a lot of pictures too, beautiful pictures and it's always a pleasure to take a look of her blog.

The post that I enjoyed most like I said, was the one about the perfect job, and she wrote about forest rangers. Before my military carreer, and before geography, I was studing forest engineering, and I love forest! (the southerns evergreen raining forest on particular).

What could she does to improve it? I believe she's just fine =)

Captain Higginson is begining a listening, so I must close the blog now.

see you!

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